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I'm a New Yorker in San Francisco & I'm on an adventure. I have a B.Sc. in Neural Science; I like Chanel & DVF; I fence. I moved to SF from NYC in July 2010. I currently work at UCSF in the Department of Anatomy as a tech, researching epigenetic regulation in the olfactory system. When I am not playing with science I am exploring--San Francisco, art, food, people, design, words, music, yoga, flowers, fashion, myself ... Here is a presentation of what I find along the way. *Unless obvious credit is given, all photos and videos are mine.*

Wow! My mother Heather Evans has really done a beautiful job creating the website for her new boutique hotel on the Caribbean island of Bequia

With the help of interior designer Jonathan Berger and furniture sculptor Benjamin Eric Forgey, the transformation of this 65-acre plantation is definitely going to be jaw-dropping.

Check out the website (especially the new FAQ section) and the promotions (25% off if you book before the grand opening on 12/15/12)!

Also, if you want to keep an eye on what the creative process of launching such a unique and beautiful destination hotel is like, make sure to “Like” the Facebook page: Sugar Reef Estate.

Keep in mind, this is not a hotel for everybody. The “Not Your Typical Caribbean” tagline is true. Check out this hot or not test to see if you or someone you know might like it:

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Holidays 2010. Bequia to visit my family.

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Holidays 2010. Bequia to visit my family.

My family’s site is up and running. Check out and maybe subscribe to the blog.

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View from the exit seat, Barbados -> JFK, Bequia 1.2.11.

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View from the exit seat, Barbados -> JFK, Bequia 1.2.11.

Published on Friday in the NY Times, this article reviews the current status of online travel sites. The gist: airlines are dropping contracts and many popular sites (,,, …) do not (or soon will not) give you an accurate picture of the flights and fares available. Here is a summary of the Times’ suggestion for “navigating the airfare maze online”:

1. Start with ITA Software, which allows you to scan an entire month for the cheapest rates. [“Search airfares now” -> enter your departure date and destination -> select “see calendar of lowest fares”]

2. Use a meta-search site like,, or to cover your bases.

3. Finally, check out, a site where you can piggyback on the people who actually manually search for fares.

4. Purchase the cheapest tickets.

[Other… Europe: Price Predictor: Students: or Quality of experience: or Inside]

—-Thanks for the forward, Mom.

—-On a similar note, I just booked tickets to NYC for February 10-13 — which means I’ll be there just in time for Will Akers’ play and for Fashion Week 2011.

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I fully support aroundthestatesin90days in all his endeavors. Contact me when you come to SF! (Or possibly NYC, because who knows where I’ll be in 183 days):

…and so it begins…

Right, so the plan is to fly (from Manchester, England) to San Francisco, then drive for 90 days to the east coast, where i will fly back from JFK airport. so far, that’s about as far as i have got. oh, and i’m doing it the week after i graduate from university in the summer.

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My Holidays | travel photo diary: SFO -> Miami -> Barbados -> Bequia

BEQUIA [means “island of the clouds” in Arawak] = Where my family lives 6 months out of the year (other 6 = NYC). Bequia belongs to the nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a chain of islands stretching south from Saint Vincent to Grenada. To the north of St. Vincent lies St. Lucia, and to the east is Barbados. Bequia itself is quite small—only 7 square miles, and a population of fewer than 6,000 inhabitants. I’ve been going there for 9 years. I love it.

I will have many more pictures to post over the next couple of days.


Happy 2011. Tomorrow is my 21st birthday.

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