The Mission Position

I'm a New Yorker in San Francisco & I'm on an adventure. I have a B.Sc. in Neural Science; I like Chanel & DVF; I fence. I moved to SF from NYC in July 2010. I currently work at UCSF in the Department of Anatomy as a tech, researching epigenetic regulation in the olfactory system. When I am not playing with science I am exploring--San Francisco, art, food, people, design, words, music, yoga, flowers, fashion, myself ... Here is a presentation of what I find along the way. *Unless obvious credit is given, all photos and videos are mine.*

What: The Color Run (5k race)

When: Saturday, 7/14/12, 8am or 1pm start times

Where: Candlestick Park

Why: Because who doesn’t want to race for charity (SF Parks) while getting powdered color packets launched at them?!

Cost: $55 individual or $50 team.

Our team is called “Taste Our Rainbows”—as this is the first race I’ve ever participated in and I’ve probably never run 3 miles before in my life, look for me at the very end of the 1pm finish line!

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View from the exit seat, Barbados -> JFK, Bequia 1.2.11.

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View from the exit seat, Barbados -> JFK, Bequia 1.2.11.